Rope Drop Adventureland Location

Can’t quite get my head round this. If we are planning on using EE for Fantasyland and then want to head to JC for normal rope drop times, do we have to go back to the hub and to the Adventureland Rope Drop position or can we get from Fantasy Land there?

I think they hold the rope drop by Haunted Mansion (but could be wrong) and then going from there to JC might be better than going back through the hub?

They do hold you right near HM. I would exit Fantasyland there and turn left. Then I would use the “cut through” near the Diamond Horseshoe.

Others might disagree, but I think that might be the easiest/quickest route.


I havent done MK EE, but if I had, this would have been my plan. If for no ither reason than you are dealing with fewer crowds to get the same place in line.


That’s the same I would do.