Rooms with tubs at AKL

After 3 phone calls and tons of hold time no one can seem to tell me which rooms have tubs at AKL jambo. Anyone? I know I can put it on my room request but I also DO NOT want pool view.

What did you book? I know of two rooms with tubs from our last stay, but they were standard view (but has a partial Savanna view.
Rooms 2545 and 2543

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Welcome to the forum! That is a tough one since the conversion to walk in showers were part of the refurb. Articles I found said to request a tub if needed. If that is your priority I could call in the request and use the touring plans room request to tell them that is your priority.

I always request a handicapped room with a tub to make sure I get one. I’m not cheating, or anything, though; I really physically can’t take showers.

studios with tubs or One/Two Beds? All of the latter have tubs

If studios, I have not had a studio without a tubs (that is, no dedicated shower) but I may not be completely up-to-date on re-furbs

Great point! I thought this was non DVC.

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Yep. We stayed in a 1BR with two bathrooms. The bedroom had a walk in shower and soaking tub. The second bathroom in the living area had a standard tub/shower combo.


Thanks! I wanted room numbers so I could use the touring plans request form for the view.

Regular room in jambo, not dvc.

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I am unclear how long the refurbished rooms were open before the closure? I don’t know if any of us could help with that info.

I’m so sorry - i don’t know what non-DVC Jambo studios look like these days

Have you tried just-pre-COVID you tube resort tour videos? those should be up to date on amenities/layout. we could then help on location — which i know from general Jambo format

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OP has regular room, non-DVC. Those regular rooms are not studios, studios are a DVC term (as far as I know). Maybe just a simple mistake?

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I think you misunderstood. @DumboRunner said she did not know about the non-dvc (the studio) rooms? @abennett answered she was looking at the cash side of the resort.

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I caused great confusion – sorry!!

I always forget that DVD and non-DVC regular hotel rooms do not have the same layout and amenities – I almost always only ever stay in our DVC points rooms.


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No! I think DVC members knew exactly what you were saying!

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Ah, I see the various interpretations. I know the phrase “non-DVC Jambo studios” was used, after the OP had already said “regular room in Jambo, not DVC.” I interpreted the first as a Jambo studio that was non-DVC (which don’t exist), not as a regular room that was not a DVC Jambo studio. Thanks for the insight.