Rooms restricted from free dining

Are there any resorts/room types that are typically restricted from being available for the free dining program if it’s offered?

In my experience, POFQ tends to have restrictions. I feel like I’ve won the lottery if they have one

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POFQ or POR may be excluded, little mermaid rooms at AOA are always excluded from promos, some villas might be excluded. BLT rooms are sometimes excluded too.

The purpose of promos such as “free” dining is to fill resorts during “slow” (yeah, right) periods. Some resorts and/or room types in some resorts will fill well regardless of the season (just like some rides will always have long lines, even on low CL days), so there is little motivation for Disney to include them in special promos. I never do a “free” dining package, so I can’t comment on which resorts are typically excluded.