Room View Request 2 hotel reservations in same trip

I have a trip w/ the family checking in Tues, checking out Sun at BRV. Later that day I check in to a Poly studio for solo trip for Sun. - Wed. I made room view request w/Touring Plans for 1st portion. It won’t let me make a room view request for my Poly room.

Webmaster from today said I must delete the last night of my trip from by BRV ???

If I do that, will BRV not give me my room request for my last night there since it will only go in as a request for Tues-Sat. ?

These seems wrong. I have 2 it in TP as 2 separate trips. DVC & Disney recognize it as 2 trips each w/ it’s own res. number.

I didn’t have to do this last year.

Should I just email again & hope to get a dif webmaster?

I just put in two fake trips. You must have the dates for your first trip in wrong? When you set it up the first trip is your check out day. The second trip is your check in date. This is what my dashboard looked like:

You can see my fake trip #2 is allowing a fax? Is it different on yours?

lol- someday I will also clear my alerts- but I am crazy and like them😉

What does your dashboard look like on the website?

When you click on it does it show what mine does? Regardless- I am distracting you! You enter your reservation number and name in the fax. I cannot remember - I do not think it includes the same info as your dashboard? You can edit the fax so if you change your dates in the system and it fixes this glitch you should be able to make your request?

Yes, the website on my phone not the app. I have the font really large.

When you configure your fax it just has your check in day and how many nights you are staying. It is ok if the dates are wrong on your dashboard.