Room View Categories at Wilderness Lodge and Room Planning

Thinking about booking a room around the holidays (2022) for Wilderness Lodge. We don’t particularly care about seeing the castle/fireworks.

That being said, there are many room view categories… but I kind of feel like with the lake and the woods around, there is plenty to look at.

Having never stayed there before, can anyone speak to what concerns I should have or thoughts about room categories/locations at WL, given, again, that castle/Magic Kingdom views are not a concern.

Just starting to thing (probably way too early).


I loved Wilderness Lodge, but I would never stay in a courtyard view room again. The cast members had activities by the pool every day and pretty much anytime we were in our room during the day there was someone outside with a megaphone giving kids directions, it was not relaxing or conducive to a midday nap. The rest of the resort was so peaceful, I would pick a nature view.

It’s never too early to plan! I just booked rooms for May 2022!

I booked some for June 2022 too! :slight_smile:

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I will say that I think almost all of my WL stays (including CC have been courtyard views) and I love that view. I don’t think you can go wrong.

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Thanks for the input!

Woods view for me has always been looking towards BR but that is CC now: