Room size for family of 4? thoughs appreciated!

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my type A personality already has me planning out our next trip which is 14 months away...I am nervous about me, DH, DS9 and DD5 all being in a standard, non suite hotel room together. On our last trip we stayed AOA family suite and liked the 2 bathrooms and 2 TV's. But this next time around we really want to do Poly for monorail convenience to MK and EP and more restaurant choices. I can only justify cost by staying in a standard room which has 2 queens and 1 daybed. I know they are some of the largest rooms on property but how have some of you dealt with a napping child or children who go to sleep earlier than adults when you are all in the same room? any other vaca we take, we always get a 2br condo or house but we do not want to be offsite at Disney. any help or opinions appreciated!!!


We feel the same way but don't mind sharing a room with our two kids at Disney. We are all so tired by the end of the day that my husband and I don't stay up much later then the kids. We love to park hop and my kids love night swims - by the time we finish with that, we are all ready for bed. Hope this helps smile

As a DVC member I usually stay in a villa, however when I took the kids to Disneyland, we stayed in a regular hotel room. I ended up taking a nap with the kids in the afternoon. For bedtime, I was able to turn off the lights and TV and just use my iPad a bit before I fell asleep too. It ended out working fine for a short trip in the summer.

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Agreed. We all sleep at the same time. True when kids were little and now that DS is 17... he has to go to bed when we do! I would love a second bathroom (the appeal of the suite) but as for the rest of the room size, we aren't in the room enough to care. I would love to stay on the monorail...a dream for me for sure.

We all sleep at the same time too. My boys are 7 and 10. My husband and I get so much sleep when we're on vacation because we're always all in one hotel room together. The boys get a bit less sleep than usual and we get a bit more than usual, and it works out pretty well. Sometimes my DH will take his kindle out to public areas (or just into the bathroom) if he want to stay up a bit later, but that doesn't happen very often.

thanks for the reassurance everyone! I will have DH read these posts to help convince him that it will be fine! I also plan on requesting a first floor room so we have a patio. He could always sit out there while kids fall asleep too!

Have you looked into renting DVC points so you can get a larger room? Must less than rack rate.

DH teaches some courses online so he has to do work daily when we are away. We've never had a suite at wdw and it's always and I crash and he does his big deal. Everyone should be pretty tired.

Oh my. I teach some courses online too and it's so miserable to be working while on vacation. He gets props from me. I started a class on December 26 this year and I was feeling sorry for myself blush

It's not too bad actually because he can do it when the kids are asleep. He has "office hours" twice a wk and that gets tricky, but otherwise not too bad.

I think it's the mental energy of being on. As I write this I remember that I was teaching an online class when I was on my WDW weekend with BFF this June. How quickly I forget! Still don't like it. Disney is my me time!!!! Laughing at myself for forgetting. Sigh.

Our last Disney (anaheim) holiday we all shared in the one room. We were away for 12 days. I've got to say at the end of it we were exhausted. The girls (7 & 8) were buzzing every night and settling them down to sleep in the same room as us when we weren't ready to go to bed was difficult. (bear in mind we travelled from Australia, so our sleeping patterns were out of whack too). Most nights they were still awake at 11pm and we were at the park for rope drop the next day. Let's just say they weren't too happy about being woken at 6am each day! But once we got to the park it was worth it - run on any ride you like - hello! smile
Staying in the one room is doable, but I would only do it for part of a trip, not the full one if you can avoid it.
This next trip for us we're staying off site in Orlando as we'll be there for 19 nights, I just can't do it for that long. The week prior and week after Disney we'll be sharing the same room as the cities we'll be in don't cater for separate rooms within our budget, so it's important we have it for this leg of the trip..
Happy planning! Glad I'm not the only one obsessed so far out from our trip! (June 2015)

I have never looked into renting points. You can't take advantage of FD if you rent points right?