Room Selections for All Star Music with a car

Hi! We are staying at all star music next month and will have a vehicle. I have used the room request function on TP and investigated but I cannot decide where would be best with a vehicle. We have also never stayed at this resort. Tell me where I want to request!

We stayed in the Rock section back in 2016 and our car wasn’t far away at all. We didn’t use it to go back and forth for RD or anything though.

This is a great question! We will be at All-Star Music for our trip next year.

And we will have a car. Might not use it much (except maybe for our AK day… only other park days will be at MK - bus, then a ‘rest’ day where we will probably sample all the other transportation options - skyliner, monorail, maybe ferry just for fun).

Trying to decide between Rock, Country Fair, and Broadway buildings for our room request.

Rock or Broadway would be closest to parking lots.

Country Fair (on the West [?]) facing sides would seem to have very peaceful and quiet rooms…but, that would be a slightly longer jaunt to the car.

Are all three roughly the same to the buses?

I have done music many time. I have found that all buildings are fine for parking. Country faire might be a little bit more of a walk but not by much. I have stayed calypso jazz rock broadway and country faire all with a car and have never felt the walk was too great.

Busses that is another story.