Room selection

I’ve noticed many people talking about what rooms you should or shouldn’t choose in various resorts.

My question, then, is this: Do you actually choose a specific room when you book your stay at the resorts (non-DVC)? I mean, I know you can pick general location…for example, the Magic Kingdom view rooms in the Contemporary versus the Bay Lake…but beyond that, can you actually say you want room X or Y (assuming available)? Or is it merely something they note, but there is no guarantee you’ll actually get?

If we have stayed at resort before req specific rm saying in notes we have had before. They’ll ck. Otherwise use room view & property map requesting view of greenery/ for privacy shaded side of bldg, etc. we’ve had parking lot view at AKL with so many trees we didn’t even know the lot was there!

They are requests, no guarantees that you will get anything you ask for.

It’s usually more helpful to the room assigners to specify what you’re looking for. If you request room 1234 and it’s not available, then they might give you a room close by but on the opposite side of the hallway; likely that will have totally different views! Whereas if you say “I’d like a pool,view, near the elevator. For example, room 1234 or similar”, they might be able to accommodate.

Some people get lucky. Others have never got what they ask for. Room assigner CMs sometimes report that officially they should ignore requests. Clearly some do, some don’t.

Never hurts to ask though.

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It is this.

But providing some information on your preferences can help the room assigners try to get you what will have you happiest as a guest, provided your requests are within your booked category and there is availability. We are about 50/50 on our requests. And one of the times we didn’t get what we wanted, it turned out to be totally exactly what we wanted, but didn’t know it :wink:

I follow these directions and then add text if I want them to know additional info

This is the most important thing to bear in mind when making room requests.