Room Reuqest

I don’t know if this it he right place to ask, but I am a DVC member… am I still able to utilize the touring plans room request feature or do I have to make all requests through Member Services?


You can use the TP fax.

But DVC definitely prefer you use Member Services. That will be added to the reservation. There is no guarantee they will even read the TP fax. Now a resort like SSR which has proportionately more non DVC reservations is more likely to read the TP fax than say BLT.

But whichever you use, remember it’s is a request. At a DVC resort, there is less flexibility to meet requests, and obviously if you ask for a better room they will take points for it. Also anything you add through online check-in will over-ride the MS request. (There is only one field).

You will be better off calling member services and making room requests. My TP DVC room requests have not gone well (my TP non DVC room requests have been great). I do use the room finder feature on TP to locate the room I want and then I call member services and request it. For our trip two weeks ago it worked well–not the exact room number but very close so I was happy.

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Thanks to both of you :slight_smile:

Can you tell me how early you put your request in to member services? Do you still use the 5 days window that TP fax uses?

I called about 12 days before the trip. Member services told me they would like requests 7-10 days in advanced. It worked well.

great! thank you!