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A few helpful people directed me yesterday to the part of the site where you can look at rooms & see what is available for your party. The priority for us is adjoining rooms. We decided to splash out 2 rooms so my adult son can have plenty of room with my husband & I can share with my very tidy daughter. When I use the search engine for POFQ, looking at Standard rooms (which we have booked) it only comes up with rooms with a River view. I have just asked on FaceBook & someone said they are available throughout the resort. It is not unitl 22nd July 2020 so I am sure they cannot be unavailable this far ahead. Any suggestions? TIA

Do you have touring plans picks selected? If so, take it off. There are standard view rooms in most buildings. I would pick building 4 - closest to transportation and also very close to the pool, food court and lobby.

Adjoining just means nearby to Disney by the way. It could be the same floor. If you want connecting with a door between, that’s what you need to ask for. And if that’s what you ask for, don’t make any other requests.


Thank you for that. I have tried with & without. It just keeps presenting pics of rooms with the river view. Can I ask what you do if you don’t want their suggestions? Just the option you want ie connecting. Thanks again

Choose any room, and when you configure the fax, take out the room details and just write connecting rooms. There’s a free text box to write more if you want to.

In case you want to have another look, the pink buildings are the ones with standard rooms. I didn’t pick any other criteria.

But really as I said if you want connecting rooms, you need to be flexible about the rest.

Brilliant! I ‘think’ I saw the pink but didn’t take any real notice of it. Though I’d love say exactly where we’d like to be, being next door to my family is the priority (though if my son trashes his & dad’s room like he does every time he comes home from uni I may well be locking the door & avoiding his hovel.

Thanks for the advice

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You’re welcome! I love POFQ and can’t wait to get back there!