Room Requests?

So, I’m trying to decide whether or not to request a particular room on my reservation.

I’m traveling with MIL so, two rooms.

If I leave it up to fate and just the request that I initially made at booking to be in same building, we may have the opportunity for an upgrade.

I’m wondering if I request exact room numbers, would they prioritize that over a possible upgrade?

Nobody knows how upgrades happen, really. But I do believe several Liners have been upgraded even when they have put in a room request.


Are you booked at POR? If you are I wouldn’t worry about an upgrade. Since the walkways are outside I have always kept my blinds and curtains closed. A view is really wasted at POR.

As @OBNurseNH posted, I always request upper floor during online checkin and it has never stopped an upgrade .

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I can’t help noticing this is your second thread wondering about getting an upgrade. If you want a better room, you really need to just pay to upgrade yourself. Thousands of people stay in those hotels, and the vast majority don’t get upgraded.

If your heart is set on it, the likelihood is you won’t get it unless you just book it. If your heart isn’t set on it, I would just put it out of your mind. There’s no point worrying about something that is not likely to happen.

I don’t mean this in a nasty way, so I hope you don’t take it that way! Upgrades do happen but they’re not the norm.


I always put in a room request and have gotten several upgrades over the years, including getting moved from the Garden Wing to a Theme Park View at the Contemporary and to Club Level once at BC. I have no idea how they decide who gets upgraded, but putting in the room request has never taken me out of the running for it.


I understand and I certainly didn’t mean for it to sound greedy. I’m just trying to make all the best decisions:)


Thanks again everyone!