Room requests

Hi! I've never done room requests before and would like to try for our upcoming trip. I've reviewed TP site and determined which buildings I would prefer. I don't really have a preference on the view, but I would like top floor, corner room, away from elevators to hopefully help with noise levels. I'm worried this is too much to request? Should I simplify and just request top floor and hope for the best? Any advice is appreciated! I don't want to end up on some "high maintenance guest list"!! smile

Have you seen TP's room selector? You can see pictures from most rooms and TP will give you the exact wording to give WDW when you call to request that room or one like it.

Your request, as you have stated it, is quite good as you are stating general criteria that are easy to understand/apply. My one suggestion would be to prioritize the criteria so that the room assigner will know what is most important to you if a room that meets all the criteria is not available.

Another thought would be to state what is actually important to you, i.e. a quiet room, and have the room assigner make the selection based on that. What you feel should be a quiet room (top floor corner) might not be as quiet as you think and there might be a much better choice available.

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