Room Requests With Multiple Bookings

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I’ve not seen any topics post pandemic on this so just wanted to check it’s what I’ve seen from older topics.

Three booking confirmations for one big family trip. To make the room request through touring plans so that we are located close by and ideally have at lease one connecting room, do I just input the other booking details in the notes part of my room request, or should I set up accounts for each confirmation number and put a request in for everyone?

Or perhaps mystery option C?

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I did both when we had 2 rooms last trip. I put my parents confirmation number in my free text and asked to be in the same building, and then did one for them asking to be in the same building as us.

We did online checkin, they didn’t. We didn’t get a room number. When we got to the front desk, they were just given a room but our CM was aware of the request and trying desperately to find us 2 rooms together - we ended up all being upgraded from standard to river view (at POFQ). It worked out pretty well for us!

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Wow that worked out great for you! We are also in POFQ so fingers crossed!

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You can also call Disney and get a “Travel With” number for all the parties so that the system knows you are together. That way, if you are unlucky enough that they didn’t read your TP request (its rare but it happens) they still know you are associated with two other rooms and that they should try to place you together.