Room Requests with Discount

Does anyone know, or have any experience requesting rooms while using the military discount rate? I kind of think that because there are limited assigned rooms for this discount that requesting anything is pointless. But I would hate to miss out on a better room (aka closer to coffee and breakfast).

I believe that the number of rooms available for discount is limited, not the actual rooms themselves. However, WDW room assigners might prioritize room requests based on what rate was paid for the room, but this is a guess based on other hotels’ procedures with no knowledge of what WDW actually does.


If you don’t ask you won’t get.

The worst thing that can happen is they give you the original room they had planned for you.

No one will be offended if you make a request.

We have had excellent success with “room preferences” placed at the time of online checkin (e.g. close to lobby, close to elevator, etc.).