Room Requests through MVT

The thread about room request success has me wondering…we booked through MVT and I gave our TA my request…connecting rooms, one with 2 queens, one with a king (I also gave her room numbers that looked good, but she only indicated she requested the connecting rooms and bed types)…should I still do a TP fax? Thanks!

In March, we stayed at BCV and it was booked through MVT. I didn’t ask my agent to request a specific room, but I did use the TP fax and I got the exact room I requested.

Unless I’m overlooking something, I think sending a fax that indicates room number, connecting room, and bed type would improve your chances of getting what you want, as long as it doesn’t conflict with what your agent already noted on the reservation.


I had read not to do requests on both the on-line check-in and by fax, so I wasn’t sure. Thanks!

Oh, well I think having them note something on your reservation (e.g. connecting rooms) is not the same as making a request on the online check in.

We’ve requested connecting rooms in the past (not on this last trip), which the agent noted on our reservation at the time of booking. When I called the Disney phone rep later, she could confirm that the notation was there about the connecting room.

We then used TP fax request to make a specific room request. I did not make any additional requests on the online check-in feature. I hope I’m making sense :smiley:

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In February I stayed at POR. I asked my agent to request Magnolia Bend at booking. I also did the TP fax and requested a room but I noted that all I really cared about was staying in the Magnolia Bend area and I thanked them. I was placed in a room in the Magnolia Bend area.


I would definitely do a TP fax - just make sure it does not conflict with anything your TA requested.


I made a room request when booking through AAA. When I linked my reservation on MDE, I entered the check in details that I wanted an upper floor/corner room (MDE doesn’t give you many options). Then through TP, I requested an exact room and those similar. TP just faxed my room request today. I’ll tell you Saturday evening if I got what I wanted.

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I will definitely send in a fax. I’ll make sure to send a nice little note in it as that seems to yield positive results. Thank you for the input!

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My wife and I stay at the POR when available. Lately we have used MVT. Now their deals are for standard room or club level. Last Spring I faxed my room request and the reasons behind it. We love Magnolia Bend and Magnolia Terrace if possible. I used the room finder here in UOG and selected a view I might like but stated in the fax that Magnolia Bend was my prime request. I got Magnolia Bend and Magnolia Terrace but not the room I requested. Instead I got a room that didn’t have that great of a view but was in the rear where it was quiet and close to the bus stop. I think they knew we were older adults so they also made sure we were on the first floor. You don’t always get exactly what you request but sometime what they select is the better option.

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