Room requests for Bay Lake Tower?

Booked two lake-view studios in BLT for the last week in April. Any suggestions for room requests? Or just best to request two rooms next to each other? Will have two in strollers and 5 adults. TIA!

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Either two next to each other or two VERY FAR away from each other - depending on circumstances
It is amazing to me how much more expensive a 1 or 2 bedroom is than two sudios - even though they hold fewer guests

Checking David’s price calculator and a 1BR appears to be about $25 a night less than two studios, based on the current DVC points exchange rate. I don’t know what the rate is renting direct from Disney is, though.

1BR and 2BR units have a full kitchen and washer/dryer; that could explain a difference as well.

Interesting - I saw where 2 studios was much less expensive - I guess even among categories there is a week to week difference.

1 and 2BRs didn’t even show up when I booked through David’s! Certainly would have taken the cheapest option. Any particular floor have the best view, easiest access to bridge, etc?