Room Requests at check-in?

So, it’s a little early for me, but I was poking around planning for my fastpass day. I noticed that the plans indicated I could check in to our resorts (split stay at boardwalk villas and BLT). I thought I’d get started with it, since I was already on MDE.
Is it normal to have no “room request” choices? It looks like there are pulldown menus, but nothing populates them. Super weird… I guess I’ll get the faxes set up.

They removed the choices a few months back. They used to have general requests (upper floor, close to lobby) but rumor is that people were complaining when they did not get rooms that met those criteria.

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Oh sad. I guess I missed that news. Thanks

Are you completing the touring plans fax request?

I am, now, at least for BLT.
I was hoping to just choose something on the check-in website, but the fax will work, too.

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