Room requests and online check in

I have already selected a room type to request through touring plans for my upcoming Disney stay - should I do online check in too or will this interfere with the request?

We’re staying at the Beach Club in a garden view room and I found a few rooms on here which have a partial view of the lake, so that’s what I’ve requested on the fax; however it’s also important for us to have a full balcony, so just wondering whether to do online check in and select this option.

From what I’ve read, you should state your room preference in either the touring plans fax, or the online check-in, but not both. I used the TP fax last year, and it worked great. I got a room right next to the one I requested at French Quarter. I didn’t put any preference in the online check-in.

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Great, thank you :grinning:

You can edit your fax. I would just add a note that says that the balcony is the most important thing to you.

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I’m confused !! I’ve sent in my room request but do I stop do online check in? I see people say yes but don’t request a room. To me this might override the tp room request. Too click or not to click on online check in???

The online check in allows you to tell Disney what time you are arriving, and to link your credit card info and cell phone number for a text. This will save you time! Just do not make any of those general room requests (upper floor, close to lobby) . Those requests could be confusing combined with a specific TP faxed request.

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I am going to do room request via Touring Plans and Disney online check-in with no room request. Should I wait to do online check-in until after the fax has been sent?

Requests have been disabled for online check-in (common thought is it’s because some people couldn’t figure out the difference between REQUEST and GUARANTEE and kept complaining), so it’s really a moot point as to when you do it.

IF it gets re-abled, from what I’ve heard you can either leave it blank OR fill in things that don’t contradict what you request via TP. Like, don’t put a request for top floor if your TP fa is for a ground floor room.