Room request

When you call the resort the call does not go to the resort! Even if you call from your room at Disney you are not calling the resort these days (last month Poly Club and my calls went to the call center).

Thanks for the info! I thought that’s what I had understood from the forum. I will do the fax request, which seems pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t find a place to contact Touring Plans. So I thought I would add something here and hope that they read it. I have been looking at the resort maps for our upcoming trip, trying to determine what rooms we should request. It would be really helpful if the stairs and elevator were on the “building map”. That would certainly help me determine the rooms that are the farthest away from the elevators. I spent a week at Disney once listening to the elevator DING all night. Not a good experience for a light sleeper. Thanks for all your helpful info!

The fax to disney works like a charm!! I have gone a few times and have gotten the exact room I asked for. Of course I scmoozed them a bit with kind words in the remarks/comment area! lol

Can I ask which room that is? I am new to AKL and have no idea how to begin to pick a room. I know my favorite room at poly but I’m lost at AKL. any advice would be appreciated.

That view is from 4218. It is my favorite hallway. I think the numbers right below would be good too. I always request 4216-4238

Thank you!!! Which Savannah or building is that? Sorry to be a pain.

That is Jambo so kudu trail? It is a standard view!

Hey all, first time to visit WDW next April. I have a question, when I reserve a room, do I just request the type of room I want, preferred, water view, standard, etc…? Then when it gets closer set up my room request with TP?