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I want to use the Touring Plans fax room request, but I cannot find how to do it. I must be overlooking it. I know what room I want, now how to go about it? Thans

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I did it through my trip set up on my dashboard. @Kaylee1006 posted that information on chat and it is the best advice! I went to the room view and when I found the room I wanted there was a link: click to request this room. The box opens and you put your info in.


That doesn’t work for everyone; the methold I was told (and that worked for me) was after you click the link to request that room, go back to your dashboard on the main page and click the “edit” button next to the room number - from there, it will bring up the place to enter your information.


Click here to make a request for this room during your upcoming “April vacation” trip.

There wasn’t this text in the top right hand corner of the room view? ^^^^^

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There was, but when I clicked it I didn’t get a chance to enter any information.

Pop up blocked? Funny, must be a browser issue. Did you post on the original thread so they can look at that?

There are some rooms in DVC that didn’t have a view on TP so I used the room finder feature on to double check a view. Keep in mind that room finder is user generated so like here, not all rooms have a photo of the view.

Thanks all. I used the “edit” button to get to the nix to enter my info for this trip. I think all is ok. Thanks for help Liners!

I was wondering how far ahead should I use the request?

It says it automatically faxes 5 days before your stay. I have my request completed for my April stay. I am playing room roulette for the first part of my split stay, but I am hoping for the room right next to the room I stayed in last year at AKL, so I put the request in. In all honesty, I will be happy with any room as long as it is at AKL.

Thanks, I already know what I want so I guess I could fill it out. Even though I’m not going until October.

Me, too! And mine’s all filled out! I have changed it already probably 6 times, as I keep looking at all the room views. What a luxury to have the time to really explore. And there is a lot of time to still change it again!

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Know what you mean,just looked again today.

I can’t get it to work either. I can pick my hotel, but nowhere to enter room???

Hi, I was wondering how/if the fax feature works with multiple rooms? We have 6 rooms booked at the Polynesian for August. I think the most important feature for us is that we are all in the same vicinity with whatever connecting room we can get.

You can edit the fax and include the reservation numbers in the text field with that note

My wife and I tried changing the type of room we had booked at Animal Kingdom Lodge and figured that doing this over the phone might make sense. In the course of our ensuing conversation, Sophia, the castmember on the phone denied that any mechanism exists for guests to fax room requests and/or that DIsney could possibly read such requests. She was pretty adamant . . . But, then again, she was equally adamant about recommending a certain side of the Lodge (Sunset vs. Uzima Savannah view) until I pressed for details and she admitted she really was merely parroting what she was reading . . .

Lol- sounds like she works in a call center. The faxes are sent to the room assigners- they work in the resort!

What I want to know is if calling with a specific room request 7 days before would be as effective as using the automatic fax feature 5 days before. I’ll explain below.

Have booked POR for mid-October. Traveling with 3 other families, so 4 rooms in total. My brother-in-law booked them over the phone (he likes to call rather than doing it online - totally not my preference :slight_smile:) and was told that we could call and request rooms a week before our arrival date.

I’m a big fan of Touring Plans, so I figured I would use the room request fax feature 5 days before. He seems to think that calling in a week (so, 7 days) before will yield better results. I tend to disagree (LOVE TOURING PLANS!!!), especially having read through a few of the fax room request threads.

I would love to do a fax request 5 days out, but figure if calling is just as effective, I might as well let him make the call. Hence, my question about calling vs. faxing.

I am loving this forum so much!!! :heart_eyes: