Room request when staying DVC

If I put in a request through here, am I likely to get what I want? It doesn’t have to be the exact room, I wAmt ground floor and I hope for a specific building at Polynesian.

We’ve rented DVC twice, used the room request through TPs, and gotten close to our original request both times. I would guess this is really dependent on how busy it is when you go.

I think asking for a ground floor room in building X or Y in that order of preference is pretty doable. When I stayed at the Poly I did something similar and got our 2nd choice building. First choice was a smaller building near the pool and probably in demand. I try and be very general.and compliment staff for helping.

I’m doing both - I will have TP fax my room request and I’ve also called DVC and provided the specifics to them. I did this after calling the resort directly - and when the resort looked me up they suggested calling DVC (at that time), waiting and calling/faxing the resort directly <= 10 days, or doing both. So I took their “both” advice.