Room request when renting points

I wish to rent points to get a 2 bedroom at Animal Kingdom and have never done this before. If I am able to get a reservation, can I request a specific room view? I am not sure if the automatic room request feature works for point rentals. I realize that it would be next to impossible to request a specific room, but we would like something overlooking the pool or maybe close to the entrance (will be requesting a regular view, not savvanah). It may be especially difficult because it will be for 8 days, which will make limitations I am fairly certain.

For DVC rentals, the best way to put in a request is for the member who is renting the points for you to add the request to the reservation through member services. I am not sure how successful renters have been faxing requests directly to the resort like you can do with regular WDW reservations.

I am DVC and request through TP system at BCVs and worked no problem
good luck and enjoy