Room Request vs Early Check-in

We will be arriving at Port Orleans Riverside around 10:00 am and have a lunch ADR at CRT for 1:20. I’d LOVE to get into our room when we get there before heading out to the park. Has anybody been able to secure an ‘early’ room via TP room request or during online check-in? Should I not request a specific room or any special request to maximize the chances that our room will be ready in the morning?

I used TP room request 2x in the last 3 months - once with great results, the other time with poor ones.

The 1st time, I used TP room request and did online checkin (making sure that my requests did not conflict!). I arrived about 2:00pm, and I got the exact room I had requested. (Note: This was in January 2017, at POP.)

The 2nd time, I used TP and online again, but we arrived at 8:30am. Upon arrival, the desk clerk asked if we wanted the first available room since we were so early, and I said yes - even if it meant forgoing my other requests. We did not get a room until almost 4:00pm, and then it was nowhere close to my original room request (not even the same building. (Note: This was 1st week of March 2017, at AOA.)

So, I’m not sure what takes priority. I’m going again in July, and I plan on NOT doing online check-in, but rather, just using TP room request. We’ll see how it goes!

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Interesting, thanks! I’m mostly concerned about getting my preferences for building and floor, was just thinking early morning availability would be a nice bonus! Maybe if I give general preferences in online check in I could add that we are getting in early so they could hold the first available of that type for me? Guess it doesn’t hurt to ask…