Room request via 1990's technology?!?!?!?

It absolutely boggles my mind that WDW still takes room requests via fax. Do they really review these requests?!?! I am still planning on making the request and not checking in on line. I would hope that the MDE on online request would be expanded to allow for more “Liner” type requests.

I expect they do look at the faxes since I got my request in April. I always also do the online check in as well ( without requests). It saves you so much time and it really is the only way they would know if you were getting there early.

It might be an e-fax. so all they would have to do is check an email account.


We didn’t get our exact room request in March, but it was pretty close. It was busy due to spring break. The CM checking us in specifically mentioned to us which building and area we had requested, so they must have received and read the fax that I arranged to be sent through TP.


It has to be an Efax— no way they are getting paper faxes! I’m picturing a small room with faxes flying off the machine and onto the floor! Hahahaha!!!