Room Request/Upgrades?

For those that have received upgrades upon arrival, did you use room request? I’m just wondering if my TA puts in a request for me and I put a request through TP that is the same who likely would guest services upgrade? We want a specific bldg at the Poly but ya know, we wouldn’t mind walking further if they wanted to give us an upgrade to say club level. Ha!

Most upgrades happen because a room needs to be taken out of use for some reason. Not because a CM decides to be extra nice.

A room request will have no impact on an upgrade.

I’m aware, but I wanted to hear from others who have been given the upgrade. I’ve worked in the regular hospitality business for a long time but Disney does do things slightly different. I have no problem getting what I pay for, but figure I may have a slight chance since we are arriving mid week during the busy northern winter break/presidents day/marathon time where people have been given upgrades before.

I have been updated a couple of times to club level. Both times I did online check in and I made one request: upper floor.

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Have been upgraded a few times, I have always done online check in and put in a TP room request.

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I did use the TP room request for our Dec. 17 -22 trip last year, and was pleasantly surprised by an upgrade! Yacht Club with free dining, so standard room, no view. I looked at the map and put in a request (they are all on the 4th floor.) Well totally shocked to get a room on the 1st floor with a lovely water view! We could walk right out our patio door to the boat dock!

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