Room Request Reservation


I have a reservation number with WDW Travel UK and a Confirmation number on my WDW Experience.

Do I use the reservation or confirmation from within the WDW Experience App?


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I think either work. I know that has confused me too in the past but it has worked out.

I have definitely used the reservation number this time.

Thank you

Just trying to choose a quiet room for my nephew who struggles with LOUD. I think anything will be OK really at Art of Animation but he will also enjoy being able to watch the skyliners on the lake too… So see how that goes lol :slight_smile:

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I’ve found that asking for a NON-connecting room helps with noise. I put that in the request text box that non-connecting room is my priority.

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Because I hear every little noise, I always sleep with a white noise generator. (On vacations, I just use an app on my phone.) It helps mask the noises you can hear otherwise when trying to fall asleep! :slight_smile:

Thank you, have added Non-connecting :slight_smile:

Also thank you, white noise can definitely help too.

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The biggest problem with requesting a quiet room is that Disney doesn’t have sections of resorts designated as “quiet”. It is entirely dependent on who is around you. What is quiet one day could be Grand Central the next.

Obviously if they are at a resort where a group is staying, they can put them in a different area (maybe - I have been 1 of 2 rooms NOT part of a group in a building). But short of that there is not really a way for them to know if there is going to be a noisy family next door. And yes, I have heard much more noise through non-connecting rooms at times than I ever have with connecting rooms.

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