Room request question with split stay

I’m doing a split stay with Fort Wilderness first for 5 days and poly for the last two. It looks like room request fax went through for fort wilderness 5 days before trip and now I’m 7 days out for poly. It looks like touring plans was going to try and fax fort wilderness again, but fax needs to go to poly. I have already configured fax for the polynesian, but so far there is no notice that poly will be faxed soon. Not sure how I need to make sure fax goes through on the 5 day mark?

You have both trips set up on your dashboard? Why does it look like they tried to send the first one again?

My understanding was that to do a split stay room request you have to create two trips in touringplans. They are not set up to request rooms for more than one resort. Just set up a second trip, put your room request in it and it should go!