Room request question - DVC and Hotel reservation

We are staying at The Polynesian and traveling with another family with one reservation through DVC and the other one through the hotel. Any tips for room requests to get us as close as possible. Thanks

So the hotel reservation - is it for a studio room or a hotel room?

If it’s for a hotel room, I think you would just need to make a note on both that you are travelling with the other party, give them the reservation numbers and ask to be in buildings as close to each other as possible. You won’t be able to be in the same building.

If on the other hand the hotel reservation is for a studio, then do the same, quote each other’s reservation number and ask to be near each other.

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Thanks! @Nickysyme I will add it in the notes that we are traveling together since it is for a hotel room. I’m thinking Tokelau and Soma look to be the closest options with standard views.