Room Request In POR

Im sorry if this has been answered a million times, I am fairly new to yet not so much to Disney. We have a trip coming up 7/29-8/5. How soon can I submit a room request? We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside and ill be pregnant while traveling with my husband an 2 year. I was thinking Mansions may be best with elevators, as well as I’ve always had rooms in the Bayou Section. Anyone have suggestions in the Mansions, we have a garden view classification for our room.
Thanks in Advance!

You can pick your room and populate your fax request whenever you like. Then TP will send it for you 5 days before you arrive.

I haven’t stayed there so no suggestions.

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i must be a moron but its not letting me pick a room and fill out a request online. lol

Can you see this on your dashboard?

Request room will take you to the hotel views/room finder. When you look at rooms matching your spec, you will see this screen.

When you click to select the room, and go back to your dashboard, you’ll see this.

You need to add your reservation number etc to the fax, and can put a note in too.

Thanks, I do see the request room, then it brings me to a map of Riverside, but it doesn’t give me room views for any mansion rooms that I was looking at. Only three options for Bayous even if I put no criteria in. ill play around with it, thank you!

Make sure you haven’t got TP picks selected.

I’m not familiar with Riverside, but if I put in garden view 2 queen beds as the only criteria, I get buildings 80 and 85 which I think are mansions?

do you get room views, the buildings highlight for me, but then that’s it, I can see the room blocks but no room numbers or views?

I think it was my browser, I tried it in another browser and its working im sorry to bother you guys!

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Happy to help! Good luck with the request :blush:

I had the same exact problem with the same exact resort last week! Glad it’s not just me :flushed:

did you get it working?

Yes, I was trying at work and the browser didn’t work. I use Chrome at home and had no problems. Guess I can’t play around at my desk with it anymore!

So… I am new to this TP also. So I can go in and request a room in WL where our reservations are??

you are able to view rooms by type and request a room, and touring plans will send a fax . so no gaurantee but cant hurt!

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this is a great site