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I appreciate the fact that touringplans recommends certain rooms that are better than others, but I’m confused as to how to take advantage of securing the rooms recommended at each resort? We have put requests in for certain sections of the resort (ie. cabanas area at Coronado Springs) to which Disney hasn’t accommodated upon arrival even though the request was made months ahead of the travel dates and verified several times over the phone including a couple days prior to the trip. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I can’t imagine they could get us the room requested if they can’t even get us the section requested. Any suggestions would be welcome!

***When I’ve put requests in I’ve asked specifically (and had them read back) Cabanas 8 or 9, 2nd floor, away from elevator. Is it in the way I’m wording the request which is making it unsuccessful?

The wording seems ok, but I’ve also often had requests ignored.

There seems to be success with the new room request feature of touring plans, as TP seems to have a connection in the hotels. I’m going to try them this time, and make no requests when doing online check-in. has a good take on this:
“There is one very important thing to remember when making these requests. They are just that … requests. Disney will not guarantee any request except in cases of documented medical necessity booked through Disney Special Needs or in the case of parties greater than 5 people needing multiple rooms with only one adult in the party. They will however make every effort to accommodate you if they can.”

See for the full post

@chintz, I am surprised you’ve had bad luck with the room requests. You’re requested area may be just that popular. Maybe you could try the room fax route via and then go armed with some backups just in case. Hope you have better luck next time.

Yeah I’m very surprised as well. The first time we made the request it worked just fine, but the last two times it was not granted prior to check-in. That’s why I was surprised TP goes so far to recommend room numbers b/c in our experience you can’t even get the right section let alone the room. I am going to try the suggestion of using the fax route via and maybe even make it simpler to say building 8. What I’d like to do is suggest a specific room number and then have building 8 as the fall back :smile:

My thoughts always were that they would go in order of request. If they couldn’t do 2nd floor and away from the elevator, they would shoot for 2nd floor, if they couldn’t do 2nd floor they would at least put us in building 8. Maybe it’s not an exact science, but it’s awfully frustrating as many people don’t put in requests so you’d think they’d be able to accommodate those that do.

We have had decent luck at CBR, but have paid in advance for preferred rooms. I believe the Unofficial Guide also mentioned a word of advice as to being extremely courteous and friendly when doing your actual check in. Also…if they can’t get you the room you want at check in, ask if it would be possible to relocate you the next day or after when one does open up. (If you are ok with moving)

Where is the new room request feature on TP? I saw someone else mentioned something about using a fax number through TP to make your room request? Could you tell me how to find this info on the TP site? Thanks!

There is a forum posting on it. Also a blog posting from a few days back (on touring plans blogs).

Try this…if I did this right.
forum post

Thank you so much for your help! I was able to access the discussion, and will review everything I have to do!

I’m glad someone else was able to give you the info - I haven’t been on since I answered you. : smiley: For anyone else who’s reading this thread, it’s on the top of the dashboard when you sign into the main site, where it shows your trip dates. I understand some people have had problems doing it on an iPad, so I would try on a computer.