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Hi my apologies if this has been asked a million times - I searched but couldn’t find the answer. I would like to do a room request through my membership but I don’t need to be specific to the room. I just want to request Magnolia Bend and connecting rooms. I played around with the request option but it seems to want me to be uber specific. I literally don’t care which building or which floor just Magnolia and connecting so my grand daughters can have a bit more room. Can anyone give me some advice? My TA has also made this request. I could call the resort but I am in Australia so its a hassle.



We were just talking about this on another thread.

Probably there are no definitive answers tho the only time we didn’t get at least the building we wanted, we were very late getting into WDW.

We usually arrive about 3 pm, give or take an hour. Always avoid early check in. We check in in person when we arrive.

Much of our discussion was about whether or not room assignments were centrally done. There seems to be a resort specific CM override.

Arriving about 3 pm also provides you with a chance to be that annoying guest that’s back at registration looking to change rooms. :smile:

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Thanks, my question was more about using the feature as part of my Touring Plans membership. I want to use the room request but I don’t need to be specific to the building etc. I just want a request to go in re connecting rooms. We will not arrive at the resort until close to midnight due to flights.

Request a specific room that fits your criteria, then go back to the dashboard and click “configure room request” at the top. Then overwrite the text in the box that says the specific room. Instead write something like:

“Magnolia Bend connecting rooms”

And that’s it. That should be intelligible and broad enough to get your request.


Thank you

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If connecting rooms is the most important, I’d put that first, then the section.

If connecting rooms is non-negotiable, I’d make that the ONLY request.


I have hda little luck using the room request with Touring plans. I still do it, but I also call the resort directly and ask the CM to add my request. Better luck this way.