Room request help for beach club

Anyone have any tips for which room we should request for beach club club level standard view?

When are you going? In 2017 we requested, via TP, 3681 - reasonable view of Stormalong Bay, not too far from anything either and relatively quiet as end of corridor. Standard Club 5681 is above that and from the pictures give a really good view of the pool for a standard rate (club) room. Does have 2 queen beds.

Thank you! We are going Labor Day weekend

I booked 21 days at BC 2nd Sept to 23rd Sept and will probably be on the 4th floor, if flights are running and US border is open - have to fly from Jersey to UK (across the Channel) then UK to Orlando. Our international borders look like they will be opening 1st week July so we will be able to go to UK and Europe but US access is uncertain at this point.

I’m thinking very much from a comfort/noise, perspective:

I would avoid 5648-5672 because they are above the front doors, valet circle etc.

5680 and 5682 face the inner courtyard, there is probably some walking traffic outside but I think this would be a pretty neutral side. Also, just a few rooms in that short hallway, so should be quiet.

5675-5681 face the pool, which is quiet late at night, so these are neutral imo. These also are on that short hallway.

5692-5724 - the smaller numbers are quite near to the front entrance, larger numbers are further away. I would pick one of the higher numbers to have less halway traffic and no noise from outside.

Thank you!