Room request form question

Hi! Quick question for everyone…we leave for our first WDW trip in about 2 weeks. I ve picked a room and filled out the fax report on the touringplans site. I type in comments about it being a first trip and the kids celebrating recent birthdays etc. hoping fingers crossed that WDW may do something for us but when I go back in to “edit fax” (just to check if everything’s right), it’s blank again. I just wanted to make sure, if anyone knows, if in fact everything is correct and that clicking on ‘edit fax’ just provides you with a new blank form to fill out but unless you save it, the old form you filled out is still there? Thanks!

So you have a trip set up in your dashboard, you went to the room finder, you selected the room there and then go back to your fax and hit edit to add your reservation number and text? Do you see the TP text there?

I pick my room and I erase the one the fax presets there as it gives a range of numbers and there’s some I don’t want. Then if text in the additional comments and save. When I return to my dashboard it will say the room I picked (with edit fax) beside it but if I click on edit, the form comes up again with the same rooms as before (the whole bunch of them) and my text is gone!

Pick your room and then go to your dashboard. Make all edits there (including erasing or adding info), add your name and reservation number and save. Try that?