Room request for RPR?

We are staying at the RPR next month and I’m wondering if we should request a room ahead of time. Any recommendations? Does the TP fax service work for Universal hotels too?

We stayed in Tower 3, and found it to be quite convenient. It didn’t feel like a long walk to the boat dock, which was the most important thing to us.

Thanks @SallyEppcot! Did you go to the pool? We were trying to decide if we should go there on our arrival day or hop over to Sapphire Falls’ pool.

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So it looks like Tower 3 is closest to the boat dock, but Tower 1 is closest the walking path to the parks & City Walk, is that right?

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Yes. Although the walk felt too far for us. We were there in August, so it was crazy hot and rainy. We never did get an afternoon in the pool because every time we tried, it would close because of lightening.

We had a great time though!

I can appreciate that. Odds are we’ll be on the boat too. We’re going next month and I think it’s already too hot for me there now. I am not a hot weather person.

It will be fun! Lots of the Universal attractions are indoors, so it feels like you’re hopping from AC to AC. We ended up buying big Harry Potter themed golf umbrellas. That helped a lot. My husband doesn’t handle rides well, so he held onto them for us.

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When I stayed at RPR, I requested a certain view, called every month to confirm my request and still ended up with nothing close to what I wanted. Just a heads up that it’s not a sure thing!

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Thanks. I will temper my expectations.