Room Request for Grandma's separate reservation

Greetings–Am totally new to TP and to posting. This will be my family’s FIRST trip to WDW. Both Grandmas are meeting us for part of our trip. We’re staying at Port Orleans Riverside. My reservation is for 7 nights at the end of February. Grandma #1 is staying for 5 nights and Grandma #2 for 3 nights (each in their own rooms). Can I tag their reservation info onto my Room Request Fax (through this website) so that we hopefully are put in the same building and close together? Or, would my fax become too complicated for the room assigners? Recommendations for how to proceed?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

I would probably call for that rather than depend on the fax request. It’s a lot of info for TP to relay.

Welcome to Touring Plans and hope you have an amazing first trip! I love POR so much, I’ve stayed there twice and would happily stay there again and again and again :smiley:

Thanks! I think you’re right. I should plan to make a call 5 days before check-in, then? Why are faxes preferred (in regular cases) to making a call? On the phone will I get someone who only marks my file rather than the people who actually assign rooms?

Typically, the room assigners prefer receiving faxes as the primary method of room requests. It’s direct, allows them to keep things straight, make notes as necessary, and everything can be contained to one place. If you call and make requests, you won’t get an actual room assigner, and the CM you speak to may not add things in your priority order, or could transcribe something incorrectly, so usually fax is the way to go. However, if things are a little more complicated like yours, it’s better to call so they can fully understand what your needs are.