Room Request for Animal Kingdom Jambo

I just booked one of the Priceline Express deals for a standard value studio room at AK. I recall reading that there are standard view rooms that have views of the animals but I can’t find any under “touring plan picks”. Maybe I’m doing doing something right in the room finder? Does anyone have suggestions from personal experience?

Standard value room? Is it a DVC room? Does it say microwave or a queen bed and a pull out couch?

Do you have a screen shot of what kind of room it is? If it is a dvc value, they do not accept requests for those rooms. If it is a standard view with two queen beds or a queen with a bunk bed, they do accept requests.

Even on a cash basis? I’m not booked into one but curious. I knew there were restrictions on DVC booked on points, but I thought cash basis rooms could have requests.

(Though Priceline stuff could be different as well I guess. I’ve never used sites like that after not a great experience with Expedia. I’d rather book direct - unless the savings are 100% (free), they are not worth the potential headaches IMO.)

I have been told that since a couple of them are full savannah views they prefer to not take any requests.

Ah. Gotcha.

It says 1 queen bed 1 double sofa bed on the Priceline confirmation and on MDE it says Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House Deluxe Studio Standard View. That’s sounding like one with no requests huh? I’ll keep my fingers crossed we can get one with a view

It doesn’t say it is a value room? I think you can make a request!

Awesome! I just double checked and the word “value” doesn’t appear on Priceline confirmation or MDE anywhere.

What would I request for this type of room? Other than seeing animals I have no other special requests.
Thank you so much!

Request “partial savannah view.”

Thank you for the advice!