Room request fax

I got an email several stating TP would be faxing my request but nothing since. How do I know if my request was faxed? And if wasn’t, what do I do to get it faxed?

I completed the fax form & selected a room.

Go to your TP dashboard.
In the Alert box on the upper right corner of your dashboard it will show “Reminder- we will be faxing your room request…” and it will tell you what day you need to have your fax ready to go by midnight. Then once the fax has been sent it will say “Success! Room Request faxed for…” We check in on Wednesday night and our Alert box showed Success… on Friday!

When do you check in? It is normally 5 days prior to your check in date.


I clicked through the email & did filled out the fax form but now when I check like you advised, the fax form says “Request unsuccessful: not found”
I’m guessing there’s been no fax :frowning:
It still shows the room request. Will it eventually fax?

We check in on Wednesday so it should have faxed already

It should have faxed by now. I’m 5 days away and I received a confirmation email this morning. I’m sorry, @hmnecca. Where are you staying?

we’re staying at YC
is there a way to get it to fax?

@len can you help @hmnecca.
She is getting “request unsuccessful: not found” after she got her email.

hmnecca, If you check in on Wednesday, it should have faxed on Friday.
We also check in on Wednesday and ours faxed Friday.
What resort are you staying at?

Let’s see if Len can help.
They have an amazing thread that may answer some of your questions until Len checks our questions :+1:
It's alive! New automatic fax for Disney room requests

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Checking this now.

Update: Was the first fax somehow deleted? I see the reminder for it, but there’s no corresponding fax anymore.

I do see the new fax, which should go out today. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Woo Hoo! len to the rescue!
@hmnecca stay tuned, len has it under control!

Thank you @len for all you do!

Thank you!
I don’t think it was deleted. I did create a new one when I saw it hadn’t sent. I’ll keep my eyes out for my confirmation

Thanks again

We’re at the YC also @hmnecca! Fingers crossed for us! I requested a room with a view of the lighthouse. It’s a nice TP perk to have the fax sent. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We’ve stayed at the beach club before but our first stay at YC!
Looking forward to it.
And TP is awesome & faxed my request this morning!!

Thanks again for everyone’s help
Here’s to magical trips

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Did you ever get your confirmation? We’re set to arrive in 4 days, and mine still hasn’t sent? Suggestions? ?

I emailed the address on the site under contact us and someone replied that a fax was sent this morning but my TP page has not update. Hopefully it was sent

I just realized that we can’t get the room that was faxed already because we have an outer building.
I just redid my room request again and sent it in
Our trip is in 3 days - will the new room request be sent in time??