Room request fax question?

Hi all, so DH and I are 15 days out!:blush: Going to try the room request fax feature, another post said use the dashboard? Does that mean do the same thing I’m doing now, do I just click the “new topic” tab and post fax request here? TIA!

Go to the main Touringplans website (NOT the forum- Once you have logged in, it should say ‘DisneyPriness89’s Dashboard’. Click add trip to add your upcoming trip if you have not done so already. There will be a button somewhere near the top of your trip info that says request room. Use this and the room finder to choose your room.

You can go back to change/update the info on the request- the button will say configure fax after you have set it up the first time. It will automatically get sent a few days before your trip, and I believe it will let you know when it has been sent.


Here are the directions (with screen shots) from the TP blog. It is a great tool!

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Thank you very much, I was confused there for a second!:slight_smile: I will try now!

Thank you so much that helps even more!:slight_smile: