Room Request Fax if you have two rooms for your family

Hello to all. Our vacation will be a few days before Thanksgiving through December 1st. we will be traveling with small children, teens, grandparents and great grandparents. 9 guests total. I wanted to do a room request for the Martinque at CBR. I’m seeing I can only do this for one room. How do I do this for two. We have already requested Disney for adjoining or connected rooms.

Do you have two reservations? @len said
I would just send 1 fax with both reservation numbers and room requests. It’s possible that 2 faxes would be handled by 2 different people (depending on how they hand those out for working). Less confusion possible if you put it all in one.

In the it’s alive thread (really Inshould not know where to find this info)

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I put both in one request. I don’t request a specific room but rather an area of rooms. That way the CM has options when trying to place several rooms together in one area.