Room request fax help please

Yikes! Hoping you guys can help- I forgot to set up our room request fax and only just did it now- we arrive Wednesday. Will it still go through or had I better send a separate fax now as it’s too late to use the one on here?

You should be good! They will fax it tomorrow and you will be an alert telling you if it is successful.

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Thank you! Fingers crossed …

Oh no! Just checked and it doesn’t look like its gone :frowning: Any suggestions anyone? We arrive Wednesday!!

@len can you help please?

Thank you @len and it @missoverexcited. Whatever magic you used I received my confirmation. I know nothing is guaranteed but I’m happier now I know I’ve tried. Thank you again :+1:t2:


Did you add your confirmation number and save your changes? Did you check the dates on your dashboard that they are correct (just mentally running through all the mistakes I have made)

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Hi, I have a question about room fax and online check in. which order they should be done in.

I personally am not a fan of online check in, but since we will be arriving at almost 8pm I fear that all the good rooms will be taken. If the fax is being sent in two days Should I wait until after the fax ? Or is it better to have online check in completed already. Worried that Online check in will assign a room that we don’t want. What to do what to do… ?? Thanks !

You can make online checkin and not make any room requests. If you do that you can do that now. You are just checking your pin and credit card info and letting them know when you will arrive.


Thanks PT ! I think I’ll pass on the online check in. I relate it to drive-thru service. They always forget the condiments.


Thanks for the help @PrincipalTinker.

@pixiechaser let me know how this goes, please.

Will do @len