Room request fax for multiple non-connected rooms

We have reservations for one pirate and one preferred at CBR for our trip in December. We’d like to do a room request fax for each party and obviously ask that the preferred be in Barbados, but we also have other requests (ground floor, close to Spyglass, etc.) Should I create a separate account to set up the second fax request? Can I set up multiple fax requests on one account?

Usually you’d just ask for the second room in the free text box, but when it’s a different type it might complicate/confuse things. Without a second TP subscription though, I can’t think of another way to do it. You can only send one fax.

I put multiple rooms/confirmation numbers (5) on one fax successfully last week at Pop, but they were all the same room type. I did note close together but not connecting. As well as 1st floor, close to transportation, and suggested room numbers per TP. I got all 5 rooms in the suggested room number range on one fax. It’s worth trying for sure!

I would phone this in to be honest. The info on a fax could be confused by the CM, whilst if you phone in You can ask them to read each request back to you.