Room request Fax Failure?

Hi there!
I just saw this message in my touringsplans dashboard:

Room Request Fax Failure for WDW 2018
Uh, oh! We’ve been unable to send your fax to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. We’re looking at the problem. In the meantime, you may want to fax your room request to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort another way. You can print a copy of your fax request here, and the number to fax to is 4079343450.

What does this mean? Why didn’t it work?
I have no access to a fax machine to do this myself. Will touringsplans try again to send my request?


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I ran into this during my last stay. It basically means that the Yacht Club did not get your FAX - it could be for a variety of reasons. Most likely is the Yacht Club’s FAX machine is down - could be out of paper or something silly like that. There are a lot of software offerings that can FAX for you so it is not hard to do on your own via software. In my case, I tried that but the GF machines were still down. IIRC, @len came up with an alternate FAX number which went to their business center instead and they ended up delivering the FAX to the schedulers. I think I got a follow-up call from the business center asking why I’d FAX’ed to them & I explained about the scheduler FAX not working. Worked like a charm as I got a great room, but freaked me out when I got the failure notice myself…

Good luck…

It means that Yacht’s fax machine didn’t pick up when we tried it early this morning. We’ll keep retrying throughout the day, and every day until your trip.

Yacht usually resolves these things within a day. If you really, really want to get that request to Yacht right now, you can use a free fax service like to get it there.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense, please.


Thanks for the fast reply!!
I just wanted to know, if you’ll try again or if this was a "well - you’re on your own now’ kind of message. :wink:
But yeah, I’m fine with you trying again in the next days of course.
Thanks very much! Love your site btw! :slight_smile:

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