Room Request - Dashboard

Hello everyone…
I saw an option on my Dashboard to request a room. Does Touring Plans send this request directly to Disney? If so, how often does it happen and how do I do it?


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They send it 5 days before for you. If you go on the room view tool on the TP website, there is an option on each room to request it. You need to put your confirmation number on there too.

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Once your room request shows up on your dashboard edit it to add your confirmation number.

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The answers above are correct. We’ll send the request directly to your Disney resort. It happens 5 days before you arrive. If, for some reason, the fax isn’t successfully sent the first time, we’ll automatically retry and keep you updated on its status.

When the fax is sent, you’ll get a confirmation alert too.

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You might try putting all the other room requests in the same fax as the first. Use the reservation numbers and names on the reservation, too. Good luck.

Would you do the room request fax in addition to early check-in directly with Disney which can be done more than 5 days in advance?

I always do the online check in as well. It lets you tell Disney what time you are arriving and make sure your credit card is on file. The advice has been not to make any requests on during online check in.