Room request Confirmation?

Good afternoon!

Could anyone tell us if there is another step for room requests after configurating the fax. If not, will we receive a confirmation once the fax has been sent? We are leaving in less than 5 days.

Many thanks in advance for your kind help!

Yes if you’ve completed it you should get an email when it’s sent. I think I may have also got an alert in the Lines app.

@len are you able to see if the fax was sent?

Thank you for your quick reply, it’s greatly appreciated. We have not received an email yet. Will keep checking. Thank you.

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@jfkdlm5 - faxes typically go out around 6 a.m., and again at noon. Yours should be in the 6 a.m. batch. I see that it’s queued up. Let me know if you don’t see notification by noon, please. And thanks for joining the site.


@len Thank you for your reply. Greatly appreciated! Will check tomorrow.

Looks like it was sent successfully today at 7:07 a.m.


@len That’s great! Thanks so much!

Hi Len
I want you to do a room request for me do I get to do it

I am staying at Disney All Star Resorts 29th October to 12th November 2019

once you add your trip to the dashboard and there will be a button to request the room