Room Request Confirmation

How do I know that my room request through the service on this site went through? Can I confirm that the request was sent to Disney and can I find out ahead of time if it will be granted?
I wanted a certain part of CBR in Jamaica.

The front page at Touring Plans will update the status of the Fax - so you will be able to tell it transmitted successfully to DIS. I’m not aware of any way to verify if they can grant it prior to check-in. I guess you might be able to call, but I’m not sure you’d learn anything. Once you know where your room is, if there is a problem I would stop by the front desk in person and see what they can do.

My understanding is it’s tough to get the actual on-site CMs even via phone so I’m not sure you’ll have many options until there to really deal with it if there are issues.

You will get an alert on your dashboard when it goes through, but you won’t know if it was granted until your room is assigned. You will get the “room ready” text at some point on arrival day (hopefully when you land at the airport) and then you can find out if you want the room or if you want to stop at the front desk to try and get another room.