Room Request at OKW

We have 2 reservations coming up in September at Old Key West. How can I request the rooms to be connecting and near the Hospitality House? Is there a fax number to send our room requests?
I’ve tried the room finder on touring plans but it’s not so simple when looking for 2 separate reservations.

Are you using the Touring Plans fax? I would note both reservations in that fax with your other requests.

Call 407-939-7630

That is a call center number?

That’s the number I called to request the samoa building at the Poly

They let me have 3 request actually and marked it on my reservation even though it’s for December of 2018

I would follow up with the touring plans fax before your trip. When you call these days the call goes to a call center. Some of the people that answer know what they are doing but unfortunately many do not. Sometimes the “notes” don’t stick or the reservations are linked. Make sure you add that extra level of the fax since you will know exactly what it says.

Is it a DVC reservation or a “normal” one done through the main WDW reservation center?

I am not renting any DVC points. I made a reservation thru a travel agent.

As well as the above advice, call your TA and have them put in the request.