Room Request at GF

I’m staying in the Grand Floridian in a ‘Theme Park View’ room, late October. Should I consider making a room request, and what sort of things can I request? (On the basis that if I don’t ask, I don’t get!) This is our first visit to Disney.

It depends on what’s important to you, but I would suggest a room request so you get the ideal room. My read on the Theme Park View rooms is you’ll get a pretty good view in most of what they classify in that price range. We stayed Lagoon View and had a great view I might have considered Theme Park (castle was thru trees) - so I presume the price premium gets you unobstructed, but I’d play with the room finder & verify that is definitely true. I spent a lot of time on the Room finder, but it was all looking at Lagoon view options.

Then I’d figure out what building/floor would be ideal based on proximity to Pool/Transportation/Food and go from there. Also some rooms have different balconies which might matter to you (read the GF info on Touring Plans for the details). Personally I liked 3rd floor to get some height and not worry about anyone outside the room, but still low enough we often used the stairs. We liked the location of Boca Chica a lot as by the pool, great view, near the boat, not far from QS location and not a bad walk to buses/monorail, but if your priorities don’t match mine you might prefer something far different.

Thank you - I’ve had a play, and thats a very useful tool. The one thing I couldn’t seem to get from it is whether the rooms are ‘dormer’ or not. I understand that the top floor rooms are, but what about the next floor down, e.g. Soca Cay 4th floor? I think I’d prefer not to have dormer room, but of course to get a decent view of MK I’d also need to be high up, so a bit of a contradiction there!