Room request at BLT

I’ve been looking at the BLT 1-bedroom villa standard view rooms in the TP tool, and I think I’ve ordered my room preferences. Now, I realize that any and all room requests are never guaranteed.

Having said that, I know that for other questions about this, the advice has been to not necessarily give a specific room, but give a general description of room preference (with a room number perhaps as something “similar”).

Is it okay/beneficial, to give a specific order of room preference, though? For the 1-bedroom villas, standard view, there aren’t a ton to choose from. So, I can actually give the rooms in order of preference, like this:

“Room preference, starting from most desirable: 7512, 7412, 7504, 7404, 7312, 7320, 7304, 7326, 7212, 7220, 7226”

Or is it better to do something like this:

“Prefer North or North-west facing room, higher floors (fifth most preferred), similar to room 7512.”

If none of those specific rooms are available, then it no longer matters to me which room.

Suggestions? (I’m making notes!)

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I love the fact that you are so into advance planning. Can you find me the best Club level, Savannah view room at AKL Jambo and a standard at POFQ? Please and thank you. :blush::wink:

Sure. That’ll be $100. (US currency only, please!) :wink:

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I am requesting a 1-bedroom at BLT also. I really like 7320 because you can see the monorail and space mounting and a little of the castle, though it is on the third floor.

this is what I’m putting:

“Flr 3,W-facing room.Exmple:7320”

We are celebrating our twins 7th birthday, so I did include in my note that if they had any extra pixie dust, and that room wasn’t available, we’d love to be able to see the fireworks over Magic Kingdom. Now I’m wondering if I should reword my request to give them other options? I only have a few days now.

May be heading for a disaster. Currently package booked for September for me and two adult children with park tickets and Deluxe DDP. DS has secured himself an internship in South America for 12 months but they may want him to start in July😨. Disney UK cancellation policy is not as generous as US one so may be giving ticket and food away!

Well, my concern is that having a request that is TOO specific increases chances that they can’t meet your request and you’ll end up with who knows what.(There are only 26 1-bedroom standard view rooms available total.) So, I want to be as specific as possible while at the same time allow for greatest flexibility within that. I’m just not sure which route is best.

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Here are some 1-bedrooms. Not sure what you wanted: 4285, 3285, 2285.

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Me neither. I’m going to try to give them a few more options and hope for the best. I’ll let you know how it goes!

The Touring Plans room finder does not have the correct bed types (potentially) identified on their room finder. All rooms are on the 4th floor.

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Ryan, all standard rooms at BLT are on floors 1-5. Not sure why room numbers starting 7 would be listed as Standard. Unless for some reason they have been reclassified because of an obscured view.

I’ll see if I can get anything confirmed about this over on Mouseowners.

It is nonstandard, but for BLT, it is the second number that specifies floor. So, for example, 7520 is fifth floor. 7320 is third floor, etc

We have used this type of request with pretty good results.

Wow, it’s my home resort and I never knew that!

But that doesn’t give any explanation as to what you want. I would think it’s better to explain what you want.

For example which way do you want to face, Bay Lake or MK.

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Right is there something those rooms have in common you could add before the room numbers and those are examples?

Well, after those particular rooms, if I can’t get any of them then I don’t care what we get at all.

Fair enough then. In that case I would say leave it as it is.

POFQ is so small that you really only need to make a general request. Top floor, close to pool, far from pool, etc. We just asked for top floor and quiet and got a beautiful, corner room overlooking both parking lot and garden.

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Top floor is always my preference. The thing with POFQ is that it’s so small every building is close to the pool, close to transportation etc! I like building 4 though.

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