Room request at BLT question

Hi liners! we are heading to BLT in 50 days staying in a studio, so I’ve been trying to decide which room to request. We have a Bay Lake view room and so far I’ve picked one out that also has a theme park view, so excited! It is one of the few rooms that has comments on it, the gentleman gave it a great review and said it was close to the elevators which made it nice to not have to walk so far. It is also wheelchair accessible which we don’t need. If we request this room are we running the risk of not getting it so that someone who really needs it can have it? Thanks for any input, I appreciate it!

We stayed in 8406. 14th floor. Long walk from elevators and the main building. But, if view is what you’re after, this was amazing.

It is a “lake view” but it has clear views of the Magic Kingdom. Check out the pics on the room finder.

I think I requested upper floor and maybe a mention of a few room numbers.

I personally dislike the accessible rooms because of how they need to change the bathrooms around. And also for the reason you mention. We don’t have any special needs so I would want it to go to someone who needs it.

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They probably wouldn’t give it to you unless there was no one who actually had requested an accessible room at the same time.

Be aware that room requests are less likely to be granted at a DVC resort, and a specific room request even less likely. It might be better to request “north facing, outside room”. I want to say the outside curve rooms are even-numbered but not sure on that. That way they know why you want that room. Even “partial theme park view would be fantastic”!

Phone/email/chat it in to Member Services or, if renting, get the owner to do it for you. If you booked direct with Disney just do it as you normally would.

Just don’t choose anything on online check-in - or it will over-write the request.

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Thank you for the great advice!

Thank you!