Room Request: AoA Cars Suite

Hey Liners,
I’m getting ready to fill out my fax request for our May trip. Any recommendations on room requests in the Cars suite area? I’ll be traveling with a pregnant DW and DS4, so I’m thinking building 1 would be best to minimize walking to buses/food court. Any other suggestions? I’ve looked around on the touring plans room views, but I’m having a tough time deciding. Also, can you see any HS fireworks from there? Due to scheduling, we’ll only be able to catch those fireworks from the resort if at all.


We stayed in a cars suite, building 1, 2nd Floor, east facing in the fall and it was great. I think room 1605 (my pics have been added to the room finder). It was the side of the building facing the cozy cone pool, but at the end closer to the Nemo suites. So we got to look out and see some cars characters, but it was very close to food, bus stop, etc. It was about as centrally at AoA as you can get, and I would stay there again.

We didn’t see any fireworks, but I can’t say we were looking.